Yet more pictures (Mumbai and Rajasthan)


  1. Those are some very fascinating pictures, you’ve made India look good!
    Which camera do you recommend I buy? I envy yours…

    SS>>Hey Amit, the camera is a cheapo Canon 350D with standards lenses, the 30D and up models are better. Thanks for the comment, I’m glad you like the pictures. SS.//

  2. Please stop posting photos. Jealousy, depression, and longing are all they incite in me. Now that’s a bit negative isn’t it? Especially since India was supposed to instill in me some sense of positivity. Switching then to that vein, your photos really are amazing; they capture India. I’m sure the accompanying narrative is equally enjoyable. I wouldn’t know because, since returning, the unremitting onslaught of life has not permitted me the time to properly engage them. Oh sorry, I forgot what vein I was in.

    >>Professor Halibut! I was wondering if I would ever hear from you and Mrs Halibut again. Thanks for the kind words re: the pictures, I’m glad you like them. I didn’t put up the one of us stuffing our faces with Gelato’s in Mumbai (from sheer embarassment). I’m writing my Mumbai post now so it should be up shortly. Don’t let the ‘unremitting onslaught of life’ get you down, and if it does remember the special times we all shared together in Goa, Aurangabad and Mumbai! Keep in touch. SS.//

  3. Hey the pictures are amazing as usual! when are you coming back??

    I want to know if you met any celebraties in your travels in Mumbai….

    SS>> Thanks, I should be back end of February – depends on how things work out on my trip to Varanassi and Kajaharo. Plus how long it takes me to do the family tour around Punjab. No celebrities were spotted in my trip around Mumbai. I should have a posting about Mumbai up soon. Hope you and the family are well.

    Cousin Sundeep.//

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