About Sundeep Sidhu

The site: originally set up for updates on my travels through India. Continued as random musings on work, life and travel. And lately, personal change.

Sundeep Sidhu: It’s a challenge to know what to put here, (I even wrote about it). But here are few snippets:  [Last updated 2016].

Sundeep Sidhu

 Currently based in London

 Principal partner in a start-up digital agency and a learning and development company

 Masters in International Marketing and Strategy.

 Working in technical/creative/management & consultant roles in the internet sector for over a decade

 Deep interest in people and personal development. Qualified NLP trainer, and run speakers and presentation workshops in London

 Creative streak (photography/writing)

 Enjoy spending time with friends. Well travelled. Well read (well kind-of). Interested in art, photography, literature, theatre, and how to live happily and well.

 Probably watch far too much TV

 My good friends tell me I’m genuine, kind, intelligent, wise, and funny. But I wouldn’t take their word for it, they’re mainly idiots (an example of me trying to be funny)

 Technophile, but not a technogeek.

According to VAL, my primary motivation is as an ‘innovator’, and my secondary type is as an ‘achiever’.  In Belbin’s teams I take the primary roles of ‘chairperson/co-ordinator’, and secondary role as ‘team worker’.  According to the Jungian Type Inventory I am either an ‘ISTJ/Guardian’. Although this recently shifted to ISFJ-T/Defender. Or (INTP-T) The Logician

I’ll bet I’m now clear as mud.

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