Photography (by Sundeep)

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I love taking pictures, but only seem to do so when I’m travelling. I guess that makes me a travel photographer. I’m self taught, having picked up a camera for the first during my year off following my Masters degree, (all of those images are on slide film so can’t be seen here, but one day I hope to scan them in).

Links to recent pictures

I alternate between loving and loathing my own pictures. Working in design (a few years ago) exposed me to the work of professional photographers, and I feel there is a massive difference between my work and a professionals. But it’s very difficult evaluating your own images, so any and all feedback is welcome.

What I use:
At the moment I use a mid-range SLR camera (Canon EOS 350D) with two standard Canon lenses. This is not something I recommend, and if you can afford it I would suggest upgrading the body but in particular the lenses. This camera is prone to getting crap on the CMOS sensor which is difficult to remove and has ruined a fair number of my images.

Other photographers I like:
Nadav Kander