Just write!

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“Procrastination is a lot like masturbation, it feels good when you do it but in the end you’re only fucking yourself.”- Unknown

I’ve been thinking about writing for a few weeks. There have been a number of things ‘stopping me’.

* Don’t know what to say
* Don’t have the time
* Waiting for the right feeling to come along
* I’ve got to do something else first
* It’s got to be mind-blowing, if it’s not mind-blowing I’m not writing it
* And so on…

When I look at that list now, the first thing that comes to mind is: BOLLOCKS!


Bollocks to all of it. It’s bigger balls than… (I could not think of something funny to write here, and didn’t want to wait until inspiration struck so insert you’re own joke, and let me know what worked in the comments).

It’s just ‘a story I’m telling myself‘. So I’m re-writing the story now. And my answer is: Just write.

Simple innit. Want to get fit? Exercise. Want to lose weight? Eat less. (And exercise). Want to meet someone special? Go out and meet people. (And maybe exercise).

There’s no magic bullet. If you don’t do A + B, you’re not going to get to C. If you want the thing that you want, and you’re not doing the thing you need to do, you’re not gonna get the thing you want.

Stop thinking about all the reasons you can’t do it, and just do it. Stop thinking about all the things that need to be in place for it to happen, and just do it. Stop thinking. And. Just. Fucking. Do it.

For me, today, right now, that started as ‘Just Write’. And I did. ‘Cause you’re reading it.

So, what’s the X in your just [X]. And what are you choosing to do now?